Grassland 9 Inch 230mm X 2 X 22 Stainless steel Carbon Steel Cutting Disc

Grassland Metal Inox Thin Cutting Discs enable a very clean quick cut to be achieved with little effort. They are perfect for precise vibration free metal cutting. Manufactured using Aluminium Oxide abrasive grit with fibre glass reinforcing and resin bonded to provide both safety and optimum cutting performance. Size - 230mm x 2.0mm x 22.23mm RPM - 6650 rpm 80 m/s Grade - A46RBF Manufactured to EN 12413 standard. Advantages: Higher cutting speed, Low material loss and Low noise.

Products Details

Product Informations Packing & Shipping
Item Number  FSC2302022 karafted carton size  23 x24x12CM
Max Working Speed  80M/S Packing Qty/Ctn   50 PCS
Material Brown corundum Gross weight  10 KGS
max. Permissible speed  6600 rpm Net weight 10 KGS
Use  Stainless Steel and harden alloy MOQ  3000--5000 PCS
Certificate MPA EN13743,ISO9001:2008,ISO14001,etc Loading port Tianjin PORT or else
HS code 680422 Payment items T/T , L/C, TRADE ASSURANCE
Samples Free sample service for testing performance Delivery time 30-45 days after receive the prepayment

230mm x 1.9mm x 22.2mm Bore (9" x 5/64" x 7/8")

These thin profile cutting discs are ideal for accurate fast metal cutting.

For cutting steels, stainless steels, hardened steels, cast iron and building materials.

Grassland cutting discs are made for manual use of angle grinders and stationary machines.

Cutting wheels last generation with special abrasive grains mixed with new binders and resins, achieving high performance and durability.

A carton contains 50 pieces cutting discs. 4 inner boxes

Mixed brown aluminum and white aluminum oxide.

The quality of the products can be customized.

Product quality stability is very good.

Product Details: 

In order to achieve safe production and improve production efficiency, when using resin cutting chips, some details need to be paid special attention:

1. When the cutting is not sharp, the cutting chips should be trimmed and sharpened. If you continue to use it, it will overheat, overload and damage the cutting disc. And it should be noted that the cutting blade is strictly prohibited to be used for operations other than grooving or cutting to avoid abnormalities due to uneven force.

2. During the rotation of the cutting blade, it is strictly forbidden to cut by hand, let alone touch the cutting blade with your hands and body. And if an abnormality is found during the cutting process, the machine should be shut down immediately.And it should be noted that when the cutting piece is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be consistent with the direction of rotation of the machine tool.On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp, and it is difficult to exert the performance of the cutting disc.

3. If you use a cutting blade that does not match the workpiece to be cut, abnormal wear, poor sharpness, abnormal heat generation, etc. are prone to occur. In addition, it should be noted that when the flange is too small or the accuracy is poor, it is easy to damage the cutting blade, please improve it and use it.

4. Please check carefully before installing the cutting blades to confirm whether the cutting blades are deformed, cracked, or chipped.

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